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Software Consultancy

Are you aware of advantages today’s computer software might bring to your organization? If you do, you could probably use help in navigating the perplexing variety of offerings. Which delivery platform is best? How can generic types be adapted to meet your particular needs? What are the initial costs? How much will modifications cost? How about on-going costs?

Expert professionals at Adjutans Technologies can help you find answers to these questions — and more. We can consult with you to analyze your needs and then guide you to the best platforms and the best applications from among the many offered. Yes, we have our own pre-configured packages. But we are also familiar with what else is on the market, from licensed commercial applications through freemium open-source alternatives to open-source freeware. We can help guide you to what is best for your organization.

We can also help you with modifications to available software. Whatever your choice, it will have to be tailored to your needs. With commercial alternatives, modifications are done by the vendor, are part of the cost, and this cost is usually quite high. Open-source is not synonymous with ‘free.’ Unless it truly is ‘freeware,’ modifying the code would involve labor-intensive reverse-engineering, even though it is open to the world. It is usually advantageous to pay the vendor to make the tweaks you need. In both cases, we may be able to save you money by helping you clearly to define what you need — and what you may not. Freeware is indeed free, and it can be quite powerful. But it needs to be configured, and chances are no one in your organization had the time, attention and skills this requires. We can take care of this for you.