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Learning Management System

Intuitive on-line video training software for your employees and clients


Purpose-built to deliver on-line video training

Adjutans LMS Learning Management System has been designed as a tool to provide quality service helping job seekers in Ontario to improve their job search skills and fulfill their employment goals. It offers free access to training resources on line, on demand. It was created to permit Employment Ontario nonprofit employment services partners to improve service delivery and increase through-put by offering video training on line. The software was developed by the Software Peer Group of ITO2.0, itself an employment services branch of the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa. Adjutans is offering managed hosting of the LMS in the cloud as software-as-a-service (SAAS) at an affordable cost.

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 * Special prices for Non-Profit Organizations and Employment Services are considered in line with our social impact mission statement

Adjutans Learning Management System Provides You With

Purpose-built to deliver on-line video training

Remote locations or scheduling problems getting in the way of training?  Our learning management system has been built from the ground up to support on-line video training.

Unlimited video capacity

Expandable capacity of the Cloud in video hosting.  No worries about how much your server can handle.

Measure usage and learning retention

See how much trainees, as a group or individually, are using courses.  Test their retention of course material at every step of the way. 

Our Key Features

Real time documented usage of your participants’ engagement and performance.

Create a quiz for a video segment or an exam for the entire course. Set passing percentages.

Meets Canada’s national accessibility and bilingualism requirements.

Includes simple messaging tool between instructors and trainees within the application.

No downloads needed. No software tweaks. All videos and learning material are stored in the cloud.

Intuitive user interface. One-click navigation consistent across hand-held devices. Requires no training.

Video Training Quick and Easy

Facilitate training

Deliver training whenever your employees/clients have the time and wherever they have access to the internet.

Generate your reports

Track of actual usage by logins and duration and retention of content — quiz and exam results — by individual user and aggregated by video course.

Increase productivity

Presenters video-record a course once for viewing as many times as needed. Trainees avoid costs and travel involved in attending in person.

Saved to the cloud

Adjutans LMS avoids collecting personal data subject to privacy concerns, but all related training materials and results are saved to the cloud in one place.

How it works

Upload video-recordings for us to add to your courses. 

Create a quiz for each video sequence and set the passing percentage. Or add one or more exams to cover the whole course.

You assign each trainee to an instructor or class with access to selected courses.

Track online course completion,  View individual and aggregated usage records and quiz/exam results.  Generate reports of all data for selected date ranges.

Special prices for Non-Profit Organizations and Employment Services are considered in line with our social impact mission statement