At Adjutans Technologies, we’re inspired by the many ways in which not-for-profit organizations improve society and enhance communities. We want to help them help us all by providing affordable software solutions.  We develop customized software applications at little or no cost for not-for-profits, and we offer them software and video hosting and database services at minimal cost.  To help support our efforts, we offer the same services to private sector and government customers at competitive prices.


Website development and hosting

Website development and hosting for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises at reduced cost

Hosted database services

Database design and hosting services for nonprofits, including customer relationship management (CRM) and data analytics at affordable prices

Learning Management System

An affordable learning management system (LMS) that makes video training available on-line and on demand

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Adjutans Learning Management System

Adjutans Customer Relationship Management System

Who We Serve

Adjutans Technologies was created to provide affordable software solutions to nonprofit organizations, especially those in the social services sector for whom every penny counts.  Our learning management system, for example, was designed to improve the productivity and service delivery of nonprofit employment services providers.  We also provide a framework within which our volunteers benefit from retraining and valuable experience in working with innovative technologies.  To help support our work for nonprofits, we also provide software services to private sector and government clients at competitive prices.

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