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Employment Services Organizations

Job seekers are not always able to attend employment-related training in person. Survival jobs, child care, transportation difficulties and more can get in the way. Adjutans’ learning management system (LMS) was specially designed to permit Employment Ontario’s nonprofit employment services partners to offer video training on line, on demand. Quizzes after every video segment test retention. Quiz results and usage records are documented and aggregated as reports of assisted services.


  • Assisted services and other video training courses presented in multiple segments;
  • Quizzes after segments and exams for courses test retention;
  • Quiz and exam results and usage records are documented and aggregated in reports;
  • Career coaches and office administrators can view results and records in detail to monitor client progress;
  • Other recommended training assigned;
  • Reference materials made available on line;
  • Job seeker – career coach messaging;
  • Calendar displays office events, job fairs, etc.

Managed Hosting

Our LMS is made available in the cloud as software-as-a-service (SAAS).  Adjutans managed hosting, maintains the software and handles database backups in exchange for modest hosting fees.  Give us your videos to upload, create your quizzes and exams and leave the rest to us.


For job seekers:

  • Employment training at convenient times;
  • Training can be reviewed and repeated.


For employment services offices:

  • Improved service delivery;
  • Increased through-put and compensation for assisted services.