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Our Social Purpose

Adjutans Technologies is a social enterprise created to provide affordable software solutions for not-for-profit organizations, initially in Ontario. Adjutans sells managed software and video hosting services for not-for-profits. It is able to develop custom software applications and configure open-source and freeware applications to be hosted at minimal cost for not-for-profits using a team of software developer volunteers.

Providing retraining and recent Canadian work experience for our volunteers to help enhance their job prospects is another social purpose that Adjutans seeks to fulfill.  Who are our volunteers?  They are software professionals with years of experience in need of retraining.  They are recent graduates in computer science, often with advanced degrees, in need of work experience.  They are recent immigrants to Canada with excellent software skills who need Canadian work experience.  And they are women reentering the work force after raising young children, who need recent work experience.  

Adjutans supplements income from hosting services by also managing paid development contracts for government and private-sector customers

Our Team


After a career in government policy positions, Gene Price got involved in developing hosting educational software focused on classical languages.  Two of his applications were accepted by ITO2.0 as Software Peer Group projects.  Gene now has more than 15 years’ experience managing and participating in software development, with a focus on Java web applications.

Vice president, corporate secretary and treasurer

Holds a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and certificate in project management. He has extensive experience in managing major construction projects. His skills and experience in communication, coordination, contract management, financial control, and projects’ tracking and delivery, contributes to the company’s current and future operations.

Vice president, operations

Robert has over 30 years of experience with Bell-Northern Research and Nortel, in the areas of software development, system integration, standards development and management. He has since also worked in the areas of verification and customer support for a number of firms in the Ottawa area.

Vice president, customer relations and sales

 Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and PMP designation.  She has over 10 years of IT (PaaS and SaaS) project experience with both customer-led projects (vendor-side project management) and internal initiatives in the private and public sectors. Romy is also very skilled in customer relationship management, business analysis, and process improvement/policy implementation.

Our Partners

Sharing resources and ideas is often the way to arrive at better solutions.  We greatly value our partnership with the following organizations.

Lingua Classica is a social enterprise created to develop and host educational software with an emphasis on classical languages.  In business since 2010, Lingua Classica offers a variety of online drills and other resources benefiting a growing number of users.

ITO 2.0 is an employment services branch of the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa (YSB).  The Software Peer Group, organized under the auspices of ITO2.0, is the foundation and core of the volunteer software services we offer, and our learning management system was designed and built with the inspiration and support of ITO2.0, which serves as its first adopter.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you are a software professional interested in honing your existing skills and get work experience with new technologies through volunteer work that serves a social purpose, you may wish to join our volunteer team.  Whether you are a developer, tester, program manager, business analyst, graphic designer or technical writer, we can probably find a role for you.  Contact us to find out how you can get involved.