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Nonprofit Organizations

Our core purpose is to provide affordable software solutions to nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits need the productivity gains software can create but often cannot afford commercial applications and lack the skills and time to adapt open-source alternatives. Our team of volunteer software professionals can build high-quality customized applications for nonprofit organizations at little or no cost. And we can provide affordable managed hosting and maintenance of these applications in the cloud as software-as-a-service.

About our software

We build web applications using Java, probably the most powerful and flexible programming language, where data security is particularly important and where extensive server-side processing is required.  Where lighter-weight web apps are in order, we also make user of some of the newer Javascript technologies.  Where appropriate, we include open-source components that enhance our own productivity.  But we know that nonprofit organizations have their own special needs, and we aim to meet those needs in ways that commercial and generic software does not.

Our Solutions

Our learning management system (LMS) was designed to enhance productivity and service delivery for Employment Ontario’s nonprofit partners providing employment services.  It permits job-seekers to take employment-related training on line and on demand when survival jobs or other conflicts keep them from programs during working hours.  At the same time, it rigorously measures usage and success in retaining the content of training in order to assure service providers and Employment Ontario that the training is being used effectively.

A customer relations management (CRM) and data analytics system designed to meet the special needs of   nonprofit organizations is in the early stages of development.


Nonprofit organizations in the social services sector want to direct often scarce resources as much as possible toward delivering services to their clients.  The greater productivity that software can offer might help stretch resources farther.  High cost puts commercial software out of reach, however, and adapting open-source or freeware applications to an organization’s needs demands skills that nonprofits may lack and expense in time that detracts from service delivery.

Adjutans Technologies was created to provide a solution to this problem.  We have a team of skilled software professionals who volunteer their time to develop software applications suited to the needs of nonprofits at little or no cost to them.

Development is not enough, however.  Web applications must be hosted on servers with adequate capacity and installed technologies, and they must be maintained.  Adjutans therefore offers nonprofit organizations affordable managed hosting of its applications in the cloud as software-as-a-service.


  • Designed to meet the special needs of nonprofit organizations;
  • Full-featured, using recent stable releases of sophisticated technologies;
  • Thoroughly tested, with automated test suites that permit regression testing of changes and enhancements.