About Us

Social Purpose

Adjutans Technologies is a social enterprise created to provide affordable software solutions for not-for-profit organizations, initially in Ontario. Adjutans sells managed software and video hosting services for not-for-profits. It is able to develop custom software applications and configure open-source and freeware applications to be hosted at minimal cost for not-for-profits using a team of software developer volunteers.

Providing retraining and recent Canadian work experience for our volunteers to help enhance their job prospects is another social purpose that Adjutans seeks to fulfill.  Who are our volunteers?  They are software professionals with years of experience in need of retraining.  They are recent graduates in computer science, often with advanced degrees, in need of work experience.  They are recent immigrants to Canada with excellent software skills who need Canadian work experience.  And they are women reentering the work force after raising young children, who need recent work experience.  

Adjutans supplements income from hosting services by also managing paid development contracts for government and private-sector customers.








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